Weight 80,000 tons
Height 120 meters
Home World N/A
Faction Antagonists
Series of Origin Godzilla
Appears in Battle World, Tintin in Tokyo
SpaceGodzilla is considered to be one of Godzilla's powerful foes. He's able to match and dispatch the King of the Monsters, anytime and anywhere when the two meet, especially with the support of the energy channeling into his two shoulder crystals to enhanced its power into maximum unlimited power.  
  • SpaceGodzilla can fire a Corona Beam from his mouth that he can control midair.
  • SpaceGodzilla has a super regenerative power.
  • SpaceGodzilla has two shoulder crystals that can generate a Gravity Tornado that can lift other objects or himself.
  • SpaceGodzilla can fly by means of enclosing himself in crystals.
  • SpaceGodzilla increases in power by being near gigantic crystals that he creates.
  • SpaceGodzilla can conduct energy through his touch.
  • SpaceGodzilla is able to implant cosmic power in structures that can transmit a signal and have them act as an energy source.
  • SpaceGodzilla can encase his body in a shield to deflect projectiles.
  • SpaceGodzilla is able to unleash bolts of energy from his shoulder crystals.
  • SpaceGodzilla emits an aura that causes electrical disturbances.