Queen LegionEdit

  • Height: 140 Meters
  • Total Length: 160 Meters
  • Weight: 600 Tons
  • Flight Speed: Mach 1
  • Tunneling Speed: 50 Kilometers per hour
  • Homeworld: Unknown
  • Favorite Food: Silicon
  • Body: Its body structure is similar to crustaceans. Its body tissue is based on silicon and has a semiconductor like structure. She is durable, able to withstand a frontal assualt from the Japanese SDF and resist Gamera's Mana Blast for several seconds. The Queen Legion does in fact have usable insect-like wings that give her the ability to fly, despite her enormous size.
  • Main Organs:
    • Eyes: Can recognize electromagnetic waves of all wavelengths. Eyes are usually blue but turn red when angered.
    • Mouth: Legion can fire a bluish beam of focused microwaves that is fired from the Queen's upper lip (nasal horn). It can also fire Butte Legion when the part in the center. when it is opened that possesses major destructive powers, able to destroy and entire manufacturing facility in a few blasts and even put holes in Gamera's plated shell. It is sharp enough to leave cuts in Gamera's body. It should be noted that Gamera's hands were burned when it ripped of the top part, implying it is very hot.
    • Egg Chamber (Ovary): Legion can produce up to 100 Symbiotic Legion Soldiers an hour from the red egg chamber on her abdomen. These soldiers follow her every command and attack with tooth and claw to the end to protect their colony.
    • Tunneling Arms: Serves the role of excavators allowing Legion to move about freely underground.
    • Rear Legs: Two legs with sickles attached to them. Tt is possible to attack the enemy from underground with them and they have a wide range of motion. Are powerful enough to knock Gamera out of the sky and pierce his shell.
    • Shell: Legion is covered in an insulating material similar to regid silicon resin. Highly durable.
    • Interference Claws: The extra clawed limbs that form a "crown" around Queen Legion's head can produce a variety of electromagnetic waves to deflect missiles and neutralize Gamera's fireballs. In a damage state they can not completely counter stonge projectiles like Gamera's fireballs.
  • Main Technique:
    • Microwave Shell: Using the Nasal Horn and the interference claws Legion can create an electromagnetic field to counter Gamera's plasma fireballs and missiles.
    • Butte Legion: If her nasal horn is torn or blasted off, Queen Legion can produce crimson tendrils the spot in between her nasal horn. They can move about freely and are have high temperature allowing them to cut through Gamera easily.

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