King Ghidorah
Weight 70k tons
Height Unknown
Home World Unknown
Faction Opponents
Series of Origin Godzilla
Appears in Battle World
King Ghidorah is the most powerful monster among Malimors' kaiju troops. He is Godzilla's arch enemy, with many powerful abilities. 

  • King Ghidorah flies at the speed of Mach 3.
  • King Ghidorah is able to fire Gravity beams from his mouths.
  • King Ghidorah is able to create hurricane winds from his wings.
  • King Ghidorah uses his necks to constrict an opponent.

In Battle World, King Ghidorah wore a Basalisk on his center head like a crown. The snake was able to turn Mothra to stone, however, the stone form of Mothra hurtled down to the earth like a meteorite and crashed through Ghidorah's middle head, destroying it. This did not kill Ghidorah, as he flew away for repairs. He later returned as Mecha-King Ghidorah.

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