Bonivita is a Weekee alien who acts as a secondary antagonist in Battle World. He is the reason why the kaiju and robots are fighting in the first place.


Bonivita looks like any member of his kind but has a crest running up his face and head. He wears the white robes of a scientist.


Bonivita was a scientist among the Weekee while his brother was a solder, the two never got along but they agreed that their kind had sunk into genetic stagnation.

When his brother began his civil war Bonivita, surprisingly, joined the side of the Admins despite the suspicious eyes that looked upon him. Now he seeks to find a power that can match his brothers, his reason for causing the Battle World Event, while watching he is has begun to suspect that there is more to his brother's actions then what he previously believed.


  • Like Malimors, Bonivita's name is derived from two latin words: "good" and "life". This is ironic, considering that he was one of the antagonists of the story. However, seeing as he is the lesser of two evils, the origins of Bonivita's name may not be entirely ironic.