Barugon rainbow beam2 (1)
Weight 70k tons
Height Unknown
Home World Earth
Faction Malimors (battle world), KARED, (Tintin in Tokyo)
Series of Origin Gamera
Appears in Battle World, Tintin in Tokyo
Barugon is one of the kaiju who attack Tokyo at the end of Battle World. He was only mentioned once.

He appears in Tintin in Tokyo.

Barugon has three major powers. One of them is his extendable tongue. His tongue has a the ability to fire out like a giant battering ram. Zedus also has a similar tongue, but it has a spear-like point. His second power is an icy spray that he can fire from the end of his tounge. It was strong enough to freeze Gamera solid for eight hours. Barugon's final power is the ability to use the spikes on his back to project a rainbow out of his back that can destroy a whole line of missles, as seen in Gamera vs Baurgon.

Barugon has a deadly weakness to fresh water.